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Monday-Friday: 8:00 am – 5:30 pm

Monday-Friday: 8:00 am – 5:30 pm
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521 NW Douglas Blvd, Winston OR 97496


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“Will never go anywhere else!
We just moved here from out of the area and I am amazed by the service these guys provide! We’ve taken 4 cars there in the past couple weeks and these service is stellar along with pricing that is better than I’ve seen in years! They treat people like people, remember your name and even when a part wasn’t delivered they made it right without me even asking. We have six cars in our family and they will be getting our business with all of them. OUTSTANDING place to do business!!”

We were driving through town and had coolant leaking underneath the car. We were stranded. We made it to Winston auto care and Scotty totally helped us out. He looked under the hood and put it up on the lift and immediately realized it was our water pump. Long story short they got the part and Scotty put it in and within two hours we were on our way! The service was amazing, can’t thank them enough for doing that for us because we were stranded, 3 hours from home. They turned a bad situation into a WOW experience! Wish they were closer to us, they would be the repair shop I would go to! Thanks so much, God bless you guys!

Needed some repairs on our Ford; they got us in the next day.  Price was very fair and the insurance on the repair which is good anywhere is a super bonus; we had medical appointment in Portland the following day so the timely repair was just what we needed.

I had some pretty extraordinary circumstances, which is why I can say that the guys at Winston AutoCare Center are extraordinary!

I was towing all of my belongings for a move when all 5 wheel posts on my right rear tire sheared. I was lucky, I didn’t cause an accident and no damage was caused to anyone or anything besides my car. BUT I was still 3.5 hours away from my new home, stuck on the side of I-5 with literally everything I owned. I arrived at the shop at about 3pm on Thursday. Scott & Braeden were particularly compassionate and thoughtful, helping me to get my head on straight again, work out a plan, and even helping to keep my trailer full of possessions safe over the weekend. By the end of the day Monday, I was back on the road. Moving is always hard, even without catastrophe. These guys were good samaritans and decent honest mechanics who went above and beyond–not because they had to, but because they could. I am so grateful that day didn’t go worse for me, and this shop was a huge part of that.

Our bearings went out on one axel 10 miles out of town on our RV and we finally were able to “limp” it back down to Winston Automotive. They had already closed for the day, but stayed late for us to arrive and allowed us to park behind their shop for the night. Talk about above and beyond!! They were then able to get the parts needed first thing in the morning and had us back safely on the road in no time! Jeff and crew are very knowledgeable and reasonably priced as well!

Honesty goes a long way. I had dropped the car off for a repair. Was quoted a price. When I came to pick it up i was informed that after a closer look, the work they thought was the problem was NOT the problem.. turned out something much less expensive. Honesty. They could have done the repair quoted and I’d have not know the difference. Instead they were honest and just did what was….honest. Highly recommend this garage!

I have to admit, the picture of Jeff sitting behind the desk is spot on. Thats where you’ll find him; big smile, giving out sound advice.

Moving on . . . This place is awesome. I dealt with Jeff, who is very honest, very responsive, and I can tell you Winston AutoCare will restore your confidence in mechanics, especially if your like me and have had bad experiences with mechanics with zero integrity (See my review on Lithia in Roseburg). They are not in it to rip you off (quite the opposite) they will give you advice, answer your questions, and save you money anyway they can. I was very impressed, and I think I just found my go-to mechanic. They’re in Winston, not exactly in Roseburg, but well worth the trip!

I highly recommend.

I normally don’t write reviews, but these guys (Scott and his manager) were absolutely fantastic. We were driving through and broke down with a water pump leaking coolant all over at 2:30PM on a Friday. Scott got us on the lift, checked it out and said we needed a new water pump. He got right on the phone, found they had a water pump in stock and re-arranged his schedule to get it fixed by 5PM so we could continue on down to Gold Beach. I can’t thank them enough. Really appreciate your extra effort – otherwise we would have been stuck all weekend. Thank you!!!

Saved the day! Had my fuel injectors replaced 3 months ago and was experiencing issues on a road trip. Jeff and the crew got me in immediately and fixed me up under warranty! Great people